How can my Church Observe Sanctity of Life Sunday?

On January 22nd churches across the country will be recognizing Sanctity of Life Sunday, the first since Roe v Wade was overturned. For pastors and ministry leaders, balancing the typical weekly schedule with holidays and special events can be difficult, so we want to provide you with five quick suggestions to make your Sanctity of Life Sunday impactful and honoring to God.

1. Preach a message about the importance of life.

Here are a few passages that might be helpful.

Psalm 139 is a psalm of David about God’s omniscience and His intimate, loving relationship with His children. He notes that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in our mother’s womb.

2 Samuel 12:16-23 is a narrative about the death of King David’s recently born son. This passage is a gut wrenching story that ends with David’s proclamation of a future reunion with his son that has died. This passage can also be an encouragement to parents who have lost an unborn (or young) child.

Genesis 1:24-31 is the narrative of the 6th day of creation, when God creates man in His image. Paul clearly references this passage when he says that Jesus is “the image of the invisible God”. The idea that we are image bearers of God inspires us to reflect on the importance of life.

2. Schedule a guest speaker.

Frontline Policy Council has speakers with pastoral experience that would be happy to speak at your church. We can bring a message about life from the word of God or give a brief talk about the landscape of the pro-life movement in Georgia.

3. Collect a special offering for life.

Highlighting your local pregnancy resource center and collecting a special offering for them is a great way to give your congregation a chance to take actionable steps to recognize the sanctity of human life.

4. Recognize and pray for your heroes for life.

Sanctity of Life Sunday is a great time to recognize your pregnancy resource center workers and elected officials who are fighting on the frontline for life, especially if your state rep or state senator was around in 2019 to vote for Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill.

5. Share our pro-life educational video.

Frontline Policy Council produced an educational video about Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill to help Christians understand the current legal landscape surrounding life. Sanctity of Life Sunday is a great day to take a few moments and show this video to your congregation to help them understand what it means to live in a post-Roe GA.


Frontline Presents: A Post-Roe Georgia Video

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