Connecting God’s Ministers of the Gospel with God’s Ministers of Government

Scripture tells us that God instituted our civil government where elected officials act as ministers of justice to restrain evil and maintain an orderly society. While our government often fails in this duty, it is, nonetheless, a God-ordained and God-created institution made for our good.

That’s why Frontline is launching the Church Ambassador Network – to connect pastors with elected leaders to build relationship, devote time to prayer, share God’s Word, and represent God’s Church to those He has put in positions of government authority.

We are passionate about this transformative initiative and about our objective of equipping and mobilizing the local church to minister to their elected officials – those God has appointed to lead and who need discernment and wisdom as they lead our communities, our state, and our nation.

Church Ambassador Network is, in every sense, a ministry. It informs and spiritually enriches those in leadership, empowers pastors to share the Word and build relationship, and it puts biblical truths at the center of decision-making processes.

“Foolishness runs rampant in government and pastors tell me they do not have a clue how to make a difference.
Frontline Policy is equiping pastors to both understand and be salt and light in Georgia politics.”

-Senator Ed Setzler, Author of Georgia's Heartbeat Bill


We connect pastors and ministry leaders from local churches with their elected officials on a personal level for prayer and Christian edification.

We help pastors understand the unique issues that elected officials face by learning the similarities between ministering to a congregation and ministering to constituents.

We provide opportunities for pastors and ministry leaders to meet with their representative at the Capitol during session, when these elected officials are facing difficult policy decisions and experiencing tremendous stress. What an honor it is to bring these institutions of God together for this great purpose.

We share biblical truths, prayer, and the hope of the Gospel with those in governmental authority – this is Kingdom work!


Pray for the mission of the Church Ambassador Network (CAN). Pray that God blesses this noble task by bringing unity and revival to the institution of government that God has established in our state.

Support the movement by becoming a partner that agrees God’s purposes are best accomplished when His people come together and pray.

Encourage your pastor to participate in this initiative.

Give to the Church Ambassador Network. The Church Ambassador Network is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501c3. Your gift will help sustain this much needed ministry in today’s political environment

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